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Mapping Human Rights Violations against the Hizmet Movement

Location: Belgium

Belgium resident says Hizmet people should be stoned

A Belgium resident posting messages on social media says that Hizmet people should be stoned, but not until they die….

Newspaper forced to close in Belgium

ZAMAN Belgium has decided to cease its publication due to increasing threats to its readers and journalists. The newspaper Zaman,…

Car vandalised with hateful message

A car parked in front of the cultural centre in Maasmechelen, Belgium was vandalised with an abuse message written on…

Hizmet building vandalised with hateful messages

A Hizmet organisation was vandalised on 16th July in Gent Belgium with a series of abusive and hateful messages written…

Hizmet building attacked and covered in graffiti

[As reported in the Guardian]: In Beringen, Belgium, a building used for meetings by leading members of the Belgian branch…

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