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I am a Mother!

I’m a mother. Just like teacher Ayshe*. Like the mothers trying to bring up their babies in prison. I am…

A journey to the unknown

This is a story of a group of people who travelled from Turkey to Greece on a boat, told by one of the travellers. Over a thousand people embarked on such journey to escape from the Erdogan regime’s crackdown in Turkey.

I had six lessons today, I don’t know what I taught

On 12th December 2017, 5 people from Afghan-Turk schools were abducted by the Afghan intelligence service, National Directorate of Security (NDS). This excerpt is taken from Mrs Farzana Wardak’s oral account of what happened on the day.

Hacı Mustafa Türk, 81, who was jailed, accused for involvement in the coup attempt

This is a translated version of a letter written by purged and exiled nephrologist Süleyman Türk, sent to the human…

My right of property, travel and my freedom have been taken away from me

I am a businessman running a very famous restaurant known by all around Turkey. While I was abroad for business…

My husband is being tortured and I am worried about his life

“My name is S.A.. I’m a teacher. The police came to our house on a Thursday night at the end…

Preventing a writer from reading books is a real oppression

Press Release regarding the Ministry of Justice, Prison and Detention Houses Directorate’s Press Release dated 3 Dec 2016 There have…

‘I fear that they might confiscate my passport’

While I was studying in the US with state funding they cut my funding with the KHK decree number 673,…

‘No one is giving me a job as everyone stopped greeting me’

I am a graduate of Istanbul University, Physics department. I started work in 2001 as a computer programmer at a…

‘We fear for our lives and the lives of our children’

Hi, my name is Mehmet, I worked between 2003-2016 at Kaynak Holding’s Isik Publishing House as a Spanish Publications Editor….

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