Hi, my name is Mehmet, I worked between 2003-2016 at Kaynak Holding’s Isik Publishing House as a Spanish Publications Editor. We are two siblings and one of my brothers’ wife is among the teachers who were thrown out of the Ministry of Education with a KHK decree. My brothers have two and three children respectively and they are waiting in despair. I was fired from my job at Kaynak Holding by the administrators appointed by the government in October. My nine year old son was diagnosed with DIPG when on holiday in Spain with my wife. We returned to Istanbul and despite the doctors’ saying that there is no cure, my son started to receive chemotherapy and radiotherapy treatment. At a time when his condition was worsening, he was hospitalised in January and February. When he was in intensive care in February, I was fired by the administrators. My son died on March 1. I had posted on Twitter at that time. I am not telling these for agitation but to inform people about the things that those who do not respect any law are doing.

My wife is Spanish, a little while after our baby was born the coup happened, despite my wife saying that she can’t leave her son, she eventually left for Spain seeing all the unlawful practices after the coup, fearing for our lives and the lives and future of our son and baby. Because I didn’t have any job in Turkey, we left for Spain.

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