On the 8th of August (2016) police officers came our home and took my husband by saying that they will take his statement regarding an issue. They also searched our home and took nothing. My husband insisted that if there was a charge against him he would take some clothing with him. They replied that he would be released after his statement was taken. He was under arrest for three days and on the 11th of August he was detained by the court on duty. I read the reason of arrest and there is no evidence. They say that he is detained for “preventive reasons”. My son is 6, my daughter is 5 years old and I am 8.5 month pregnant, my husband is dismissed from his job. I am not able to work. My husband is taken unlawfully from us when we needed him most. Out of fear I sent my son to my mum and I fear to stay at home. With my daughter we changed four places until finding a suitable one. My children are upset and are in need of psychological treatment. They keep asking about their father’s return. I could not explain it to them.

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