While I was studying in the US with state funding they cut my funding with the KHK decree number 673, I have been trying to finish my Master’s programme without funding since September 1. My family helps me economically. I had to move into my friends’ place from my house. Now that I have found a job, I am moving to another state. For a month and a half there have been many spiritual and financial tribulations. If they gave me back my state bursary now, it wouldn’t compensate what I have suffered through. I had a dream of becoming an academic, now I can’t even be a public servant in Turkey. I don’t buy a plane ticket fearing that they might confiscate my passport. It is impossible for me to get anything done at a consulate. I saw my father cry in front of me for the first time on Facetime after what has happened, because of their labeling me as terrorist.

What will you do now?

My first aim is to be able to make ends meet…if I can manage that, I would like to make application for a PhD programme… What is really saddening is that people readily accept the government discourse and label you as terrorists. One of our relatives told my father that they have no ties anymore. A close friend of mine said that he is not going to talk to me anymore and ended our friendship. Again, another friend of mine who is a police officer in Turkey feared that he might lose his position for contacting him and after hurling several swear words at Hizmet deleted me from his friends list on Facebook.

Hizmet Watch withholds data to protect the privacy of individuals and victims’ identities that would otherwise put the person in danger.