After the attempted coup, Ayşenur Parıldak, the journalist detained on the grounds of being the owner of the Twitter account followed by Fuat Avni, has reported being kept in isolation for 19 days. In her letter to Cumhuriyet, Parildak mentions that she has been beaten and sexually abused while under custody, and includes that a woman judge cut her wrists, and a 60-year-old woman was searched naked twice.

Parildak was left “unemployed” after the Zaman newspaper, where she worked as a jurist reporter, got appointed a trustee. Parildak who was studying at the Ankara University Law School was planning to graduate this summer and begin work as a lawyer. However, she was taken into custody after the attempted coup. She was arrested on the 11th of August after being kept under custody for eight days.

Parildak explained her experiences at the police station and prison in her letter to the Cumhuriyet news reporter as follows: “I have been pounded, I have been sexually abused. I have been interrogated for eight days whether it was day or night. They were interrogating me when they were drunk and were not afraid to admit it. Then the trial phase came, and now I’m here. Here, I stayed in a ward for a month. 20 of us were then moved to the cells. That is, complete isolation…I’m afraid of being forgotten here.”

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