I am a graduate of Istanbul University, Physics department. I started work in 2001 as a computer programmer at a public institution by passing an exam entered by one million university graduates. I was one of the 3000 lucky ones to get the job. I was one of seven or eight people who had a YGS English language certificate at the company at A level. There are about 1500 personnel working there. I didn’t have any bad conduct. On the week of 22 July, I was handed a paper and without asking for my plea the security personnel took me out of the building and I was suspended. Thereafter I was fired from my job. Finally, with the September KHK decree, my employee status was annulled, and my green passport was cancelled.

No one is giving me a job. Everyone stopped greeting me, except for one or two people. I have to live with my family. I don’t have any money.

I have a four-year-old son who is living with my divorced wife, and I can’t even pay his child support payment. This is the most bitter aspect of what has transpired.

I am living with my father’s financial support, barely making ends meet. I had a payment order at Bank Asya and had 2000 dollars in my account. The account was opened in 2014. I was a Today’s Zaman subscriber. I had also donated money to Kimse Yok Mu charity on Eid Al Adha. Oh yes, I was also a critic of the AKP.

We had to burn all the old newspapers and books at our house.

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