I am a businessman running a very famous restaurant known by all around Turkey.

While I was abroad for business purposes (I traveled abroad on 27/02/2016), me, my family, my business partners and my companies were subjected to serious mobbing by the Turkish Government in total contradiction to international law and human rights. This was followed by a chain of events that turned us into complete victims of lack of rule of law in the country.

Just because I do not agree with the political ideology of the running government, although no single unlawful case was committed in my name, the front of my restaurant was closed with a barrier for the fabricated reason of me being a part of a ‘parallel state’. As if my place was jeopardizing the security of the highway, the customers were forced to leave the place with gunned police and gendarmerie rudely and my restaurant was sealed. It was not allowed to remove fixture and food left inside.

There is no court decision on any single criminal act committed by me and my company until today, and we received no warning or notification to us saying what we’ve been charged with. Our right of defending ourselves was taken away by the government unlawfully and our company was confiscated with  mafia methods. As a result my company which has been operating since 1986 was accused of terrorism and sealed.

The company had  $ 5 million turnover, whose right of name belong to me which my two sons as partners. They were forced to leave the partnership because of unofficial threats by the local administrators. Today there is no financial payment from our partners to us. With the pressure and encouragement of state executives the damage to our partners exceeds $ 3 million. My sons cannot find any lawyer, judges, prosecutors to defend themselves, and they are suffering seriously both mentally and financially.

The commercial activities of another company of mine was halted where I have 66% share. Without decision of the court me and my partner have suffered a loss of $ 3 million.

By examining the records of the company and fining it, tax inspectors tried to drag the company into bankruptcy, but they could not do this because they could not find any unofficial results, and without any legal basis they nationalized our property.

Several months after I went abroad for business purposes they placed a prohibition of going abroad in my name. My passport was also cancelled on the system. Since 27/02/2016 till today I have never been able to enter my country.

I got my Republic of Turkey passport by paying all the legal fees as all the citizens of Turkey do. My passport is an identity card given to me after all the necessary investigation, and it is internationally accredited and remains valid in every member country of the United Nations because of international conventions to which Turkey is also one of the signatories. To enter Turkey and leave and to be able to travel internationally, Turkish citizens are obliged to submit their valid passports.

Cancelling a current and valid passport issued in accordance with procedures without a finalized judgement is contrary to both international law and the European Convention on Human Rights.

As a result, my right of property, travel and my freedom were stripped.

My pension I have been receiving since 2000 was also halted according to the order of Erdogan who repeatedly told the media that ‘There is not even water’ for Hizmet sympathisers.

Although we requested repeatedly an appointment with the relevant authorities (governor, legislators and mayors) in order to tell our victimization in Turkey, we could not meet with any them. We can find no authority, no court, no lawyer to tell our troubles to defend ourselves. All the lawyers advocating us have been jailed as with many of our friends.

The practices done in perjury and arbitrarily by Erdogan’s government against citizens are obviously contrary to democracy, freedom of travel, right of legislation, right of property which are guaranteed by the Human Rights Convention, universal principles of law, and international agreements.

Hizmet Watch withholds data to protect the privacy of individuals and victims’ identities that would otherwise put the person in danger.