Due to a slander thrown from one of his colleagues, my close friend’s father who is an academic was detained two weeks ago. After a wait of 2 days in the court corridors, he got arrested. At the beginning we couldn’t find anyone who wanted to take over the case. Later on, we received calls from a few solicitors saying “we can help you”. One asked for 35 thousand and the other 30 thousand TL. 30 people are staying a room for 10.

Due to his age he is suffering from heart condition and asthma attacks but is not having any kind of doctor control. His wife, daughter and son-in-law are suffering major financial problems because they can’t find a job and have been removed from their jobs. They also cannot hire a solicitor because they want high pay. There have apparently been officials who warned them saying, “the commands come from Ankara, do not hire a solicitor”. The guardians are inflicting psychological torture every day. Sayings like; sudden cell pressure and cell controls, the death penalty will be back soon, all of you are going to be hanged…Although there have been no criminal offences against him, he has been arrested for having an account with Bank Asya (Turkish bank), subscribing to a newspaper and from a slander thrown from a colleague.

With public services commission we have many teacher friends whom have been removed from their jobs. Especially those with kids are suffering major financial problems. Most have not found a job yet. Many of them cannot go to their homes because of the harassment from neighbours, some are forced to change houses. I cannot give their names for security purposes.

For my friend’s father, we consulted with a lawyer from Germany. He told us to go to the human rights association but nobody payed interest nor helped us. His wife, daughter and son-in-law are terrified. They’re not informing their daughter about the situation who lives in Germany.

He apparently started saying, “get me out of here; I’m about to die”. His psychology was quite distorted. We disposed all the books of Fethullah Gülen which the Zaman newspaper gave us. We demolished all the newspapers at home. Some books and documents are burnt. The computers were broken and thrown away.

Within the dollars from the time my father went to pilgrimage we found four 1 dollar notes. Two of them had F series. With the struggle of persuading my father we burnt the dollars. He constantly rebelled saying, “I saw two coups but nothing like this.”

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